DIY and Save? 3 Seemingly Easy Exterior Remodeling Projects That Are Anything But DIY

Go ahead and blame cable television. It’s the scapegoat for a thousand indiscretions. And yes, there’s evidence pointing to guilt in this case. There are whole cable channels devoted to how you can turn a not-so-hot property into the home of your dreams.

Move Over, Welcome Mat: Here’s What the Color of Your Front Door Says About Who’s Inside

Some people go for flags. Then there are gnomes, ducks or rabbits, and even the stray pink flamingo. It’s a flash of unexpected color in your front yard. Yes, it’s making a statement.

What’s often overlooked is the front door itself. What color is yours? Here’s what it says about you.

Transitions: How Decks Can Change The Way You Feel About Your Back Yard

How do you increase the square footage of your living space without building an addition to your home? It sounds like one of those crazy questions floating by on your Facebook feed. You’d like to know, but instead of getting an answer, you’re offered a free trip to the Bahamas in exchange for attending an investment seminar.

A Boomer’s Approach to Exterior Home Remodeling

Homeowners have decided they’ve had enough of making do without. They’re pulling out their checkbooks and applying a generous amount of financial support to upgrades and remodeling. In fact, they’ve more than doubled the amount they spent from the previous year.

The biggest contributor to this is that homeowners are feeling more comfortable because they see higher homeowner equity and a general improvement in the real estate market.

How to Get an Architectural Review Board to Give the Green Light for Your Exterior Remodeling Project

If you’re remodeling a home in an older neighborhood, you may find your plans are subject to design review. Who has this authority? Sorry, but you agreed to it when you purchased your home. It was in that huge pile of papers you signed at closing.

Don’t be quick to draw the wrong conclusion, though. Design review serves an important function in maintaining character, consistency, and property values in your neighborhood. It works in your favor.

Who's Responsible? Insurance Coverage and Liability Basics to Know Before You Start a Home Exterior Remodeling Project

It’s logical to think about contacting your insurance company after you’ve made an improvement such as exterior upgrades. You’ve increased the value of your home, and that value has to be reflected in your policy.

The right time to get in touch with your insurance agent is before the work gets underway. Here’s why.

Not Just For Cars Anymore: How Changing Lifestyles Are Transforming The Function And Style Of Home Garages

Maybe it’s not your imagination. That almost imperceptible sigh you hear from somewhere in your house just might be coming from…the garage.

If there’s one part of the house that feels more neglect than the rest, it’s often the garage. Is it a detached garage? Even worse: you may not think it’s even a part of your house at all.

Over Your Head: How Today's New Roofing Products Can Dramatically Change the Appearance of Your Home

You may sentimentally recall your mother asking you if you were aware of how hard your father had to work to put a roof over your head. It was a rhetorical question, actually meant to make you do whatever chore it was that you skipped out on. But let’s take up the question posed by mothers everywhere once again. It makes more sense for us today than it did when we were kids.

That's Not What You Said it Was going to Cost! How to Work With Your Builder to Set, and Keep, an Exterior Remodeling Construction Budget

Scope Creep.” In the world of project management it’s what happens when things keep getting bigger and more complicated than planned. And it always happens after the project begins. If you’re not careful, you can get a taste of this as a homeowner undertaking a remodeling construction project.