Picture This: A Picture Window Can Change Your Perspective, Outside And In


Exterior renovations give you the opportunity to do something constructive from an interior perspective. Either because of style or budget, most houses are built with far less windows than can be added. 

It makes for an aesthetically bland exterior, and it can create dark, less-than-inviting inner living spaces. One way to remedy this is by installing one or more picture windows. 

What is a Picture Window, Anyway?

You usually recognize them by their size. Picture windows feature a single, span of glass ranging anywhere from 24 inches to 966 inches either in height or width. The largest ones can scale a wall. Picture windows do not open. 

Some people refer to these as fixed windows. Technically, there is a difference - but not a big one. Like a picture window, a fixed window is nonfunctional and can be strikingly large. Fixed windows have larger frames. It's an architectural treatment that helps the massive size complement the rest of the windows. Compared to a picture window, a fixed window with its larger frame will create a bolder and more contemporary look. 

Beyond the Living Room

Because of their ability to bring in so much of the exterior view, picture windows can give the illusion of bringing outside...inside. The most common location for a picture window is in the living room. 

A picture window can be added to any room. Including one on a large expanse of wall that faces the street helps to add style to the exterior. Don't consider a picture window if your exterior renovation plans call for windows to add ventilation or airflow. These windows will add character to your exterior and brighten the interior, but they're not going to open. It's not such a bad thing, actually. Because they don't open, they get excellent ratings for energy efficiency because of insulation. There won't be any gaps or seams. 

Plays Well with Others

You can get around the obstacle of not opening by pairing a picture window with casement windows on either side. Pared down, picture windows also create an excellent focal point for a bay window. 

They  are large, and they are intended to make a statement. Adding them during an exterior renovation will dramatically change the look of your home without dramatically busting your budget. 

Talk to us if you are thinking about updating the look of your home's exterior. Windows are a cost-effective way completely redefine the statement your home makes to people passing by.