Exterior Additions To Enjoy The Fall Weather

fall weather.jpg

You can already feel it. It's cooler in the evenings and the light is changing too. Fall is in the air. But it doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to the enjoyment of spending time outside. The cooler and more comfortable evenings are perfect for stepping up your entertaining. 

It's time to embellish the perimeter of your home. Make this part more inviting with a new porch. Add a fire pit or exterior fireplace. An outdoor pizza oven, maybe? The best way to enjoy the cool evening colors of this time of the year is with come exterior improvements. Here are a few specific suggestions. 


Transform your back porch into a 3-season outdoor room. Enclosing it can add weeks or even months of use. Consider insulating it with R13 value fiberglass for an extension of the time you can spend in this room. 

Outdoor Fireplaces

Evenings spent enjoying the latent radiation from the pool decks gives way to looking for a different kind of heat source. An outdoor fireplace fits the bill. Have it built for the double duty of serving as a grill. Whether it burns gas or wood, you'll appreciate the evening glow of a fire that can also cook the last of the season's hotdogs. 

Fire Pits

What is the difference between a fireplace and a fire pit? The latter has a more open design. They can also be free-standing or incorporated into an area with surrounding seating. And while you can have them fitted to burn fire, most people prefer to burn wood logs in them. The log fires add an extra taste dimension when it's time to roast marshmallows. 


Extend the area undercover with a pavilion. These beautiful architectural additions give you the opportunity to break up the symmetry of horizontal lines that often become the hallmark of backyards. Hide overhead radiant heaters in the pavilion's roof so you can take the chill off the evening as you enjoy one last glass of wine outside before bed. 


It's going to be getting darker earlier, so you'll want to plan to include appropriate outdoor lighting to cast the perfect glow on the new additions to your backyard. What's trending right now? Why not incorporate an elegant outdoor chandelier into your design? The sound of the crystals in the gentle evening Autumn breezes can be hypnotizing. 

Don't let the cooler weather of fall chase you inside - extend your enjoyment of the backyard by adding some exterior excitement. What does your dream backyard porch or custom deck look like? We can work with you to bring it to life.