I See A Stain On My Ceiling. Do I Need A New Roof?

ceiling stain.jpg

Uh, oh. How long has that been there? Sometimes we can be at a loss as to how long a ceiling stain has been up there. It´s always been a part of our house, but we tend not to go around inspecting the ceilings. 

Of course, once we see a ceiling stain, we wonder how we could have missed it. The bigger question, though is: How long has it been there and what is the cause. 

Foregone Conclusion

The worst-case scenario is that there is roof damage. That's the logical assumption. Moisture is often cause most of ceiling stains. 

The discoloration you see might be a puddle of rain, but it also might be a plumbing leak in the attic or an adjoining wall. Do you live outside the city? The ceiling stain could be a urine stain from wildlife that has made their way into your attic. 

Don't be so quick to conclude that it's time to pay for a new roof. It could just as easily be a problem with your air conditioning that´s causing condensation. Or maybe it´s defective shower pan from the upstairs bathroom. 

Quick Action

Obvious cause or not, your response should be to find a quick resolution. Paying for pest control is far less expensive than a new roof - but you'll want to act quickly if it turns out to be roof damage. That ceiling stain could be a sign that your roof is in trouble. This trouble can spread and impact your home's structural integrity. Don't make guesses - find out for sure.

Roof Inspection

It's wise to start with the assumption that roof damage is the cause of the ceiling stains. Roof damage can spread easily and quickly become worse. A licensed roofing contractor can provide you with a professional inspection. 

Roof damage is bad news, but catching it early because you noticed a ceiling stain and acted on it gives you the opportunity to do some upgrading along with the roof leak repair. An exterior remodeling project such as a new roof is an excellent way to add curb appeal and instant property value. 

Talk to us about roofing inspections, repair, and replacement. We warranty all of our craftsmanship and are able to provide extended material and labor warranties on all our installed roofing products.