Residential Facelift: Choosing A New Exterior For Your Home

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Is it time for a facelift? For your house, that is. There are a lot of things to think about, from little details like the selection of washroom ceramic tiles and kitchen cabinets to much more considerable, long-lasting decisions, such as the exterior facade of your house. 

In the past, these outside options were limited. You picked one look or style, and it was the theme for your entire house. Today´s exterior trim ideas let you go in multiple directions with a theme. 

It’s Going to Be There for Quite Some Time

An exterior remodeling can be one of the most substantial decisions you’ll make while you live in your home. It requires careful thinking. You'll want to be happy - for a long time to come - with the results. Here are some suggestions. 

Accentuate the front of your home by integrating siding products such as vinyl, block, rock, or stucco. It can make a dramatic change. Today’s vinyl siding is basically maintenance free. Manufacturers have finally gotten with the program, too. They offer an amazing selection of architectural elements that complement the siding, including color shading. It is possible to create a complete multicolored theme that changes to match the surroundings by using corresponding vinyl trim and architectural elements. 

Multitasking Solutions

You no longer have to find ways to ensure that the new exterior design also works to help insulate your home. Residential siding manufacturers now offer insulated products in a pleasing variety of styles and shades. And yes, they make matching trim and architectural elements to complete the look.

This gives you the option to go bold with vertical boards or battens. Then team it up with a skirt of stucco, brick, or rock. The complete change in your home’s personality will surprise you. 

Design trends have made 6-inch or wider siding profiles extremely popular. There is a reason for this. The width helps to break up wide exterior wall expanses made even more exaggerated by narrow spans of sidings. Vinyl is the most popular material choice because of its hands-off maintenance record; however, you can also find these wider design choices in natural wood that’s been treated to keep it looking awesome. You get the beauty of grain and texture without an upkeep headache. Even better, many manufacturers offer it with rigid foam core backing so that it will add to your energy savings. Your exterior renovation material choices can now help pay for themselves.