A New Patio Canopy: Anything But A Coverup

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You don’t neglect it on purpose. It’s just that nobody finds much enjoyment out there. We’re talking about the patio. It would be a pretty awesome place if it just offered a bit more shelter and privacy.

Three cheers for patio covers! This affordable addition is the perfect way to turn an underused area of your home into an inviting place for family and friends to congregate.

Lightweight and Maintenance-Free

At the top of the patio cover popularity list are those that are made of aluminum arms with retractable awnings. They’re manufactured to last and most are pretty much maintenance-free. But it may not be wise to simply purchase one of these and put it up. You’re adding to the structure of your home in most cases, so you may need to comply with local building codes.

The best way to approach it is to opt for professional installation. Your exterior renovation partner will make sure that the patio cover complies with standard municipal load ratings, as well as other local building codes.

What people love about these retractable canopies is that they can get out of the way when you want some serious sunshine - and extend out to reclaim your patio on a rainy day. There are standard sizes to cover most standard patio configurations, but an exterior remodeling company can help you create a custom solution that can extend even further than your patio to help you reclaim even more of the outdoors.

What About the Wind?

Many people ask about the danger of a gust of wind coming along and wreaking havoc on their new patio canopy. Manufacturers have got you covered - if you’ll excuse that pun. The canopy material will block the sun, but not air movement. Others offer solid covers that instead rely upon sensors that will automatically retract the canopy if it gets too windy. Some even feature wind-release technology that quickly protects your canopy investment from gusts.

Not everybody is a fan of aluminum, so manufacturers offer options such as galvanized steel. It's stronger, for sure, and it makes a bold statement. If you're looking for something that blends in with the custom wood deck you'd like to install in place of a patio, your exterior remodeler can help you with what is known in the industry as 'Alumawood,' which feels and looks like wood. You get the look, but not the problems, such as peeling, warping, and being snacked on by termites.

We have great ideas to help you pair a patio or custom deck with a canopy. Give us a bit of information on what you're thinking about in terms of exterior remodeling, and we will give you a free estimate.