The Shape Of Things: New Windows And The Dramatic Change They Can Make To Your Home's Exterior

Most people think of the impact that windows have on the interior of their home. After all, we spend far more time inside looking out through them. The character windows bring to each room will always be a main consideration, but they also can play a major role in creating dramatic changes when you remodel the exterior of your home.

Dormer Windows

You didn’t design it that way. The roof came with the house. There’s a lot of it, and the roof has a steep pitch. Sometimes you think that big roof is the only thing people notice when they drive by or visit.

Dormer windows can help. Use them to balance exterior elements by bringing attention away from the expanse of the roof.

You’re naturally going to see them at the top of your home, and that creates opportunities to bring more light to these areas. They’ll often be above the treetops. Dormer windows can also extend interior living space by creating seating areas, with a bonus of shelving or drawers for storage.

Entry Door Windows

Talk about making a good first impression. Your entry is the first thing visitors take in as they walk up to the door.

Consider framing your entry door with panels of grid windows. Their geometry can be selected to complement the shape of your door. While the glass brings in more natural light for your interior, it also has the effect of brightening up the exterior.

The psychology of transparency comes to play. The expanse of windows surrounding your entry communicate that your home is a friendly and open place.

If there’s a porch – our you plan to add one – sidelights can widen the effect of your front door and make it even more inviting. These tall, vertical windows also find symmetry with porch columns.

Anything But A Rectangle

The exterior of your home is already a collection of 90-degree angles. Even the sloped angles of your roof are going to meet to create square or rectangular eaves.

It’s easy to break up this right-angle monotony with unexpected window shapes. These non-window shaped windows give playful hints to the function of that part of a home’s interior. A circular window, for example, often says, “Hey, there’s a bathroom here.”

Nonstandard window shapes have an important design advantage that goes beyond adding exterior character. They don’t have to follow the lines of your home’s intrinsic designs. Use off-center placement of uniquely shaped custom windows to add outer beauty, but maintain interior privacy.

Talk to us about windows. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to completely change the outward appearance of your home. They can transform ordinary, predictable exteriors into architectural works of visual beauty.