DIY and Save? 3 Seemingly Easy Exterior Remodeling Projects That Are Anything But DIY

Go ahead and blame cable television. It’s the scapegoat for a thousand indiscretions. And yes, there’s evidence pointing to guilt in this case. There are whole cable channels devoted to how you can turn a not-so-hot property into the home of your dreams.

No one should argue that there are exterior remodeling projects you can undertake yourself. Painting the exterior? That’s usually DIY. You might even be able to replace the ugly front entrance door. Gutters? Now you’re starting to push the Y in DIY. But go for it if you’ve got the equipment, and the patience. Sooner or later, though, you’ll reach a limit.

The DIY Boomerang Effect

Budget usually predicts that limit. Sometimes, though, it’s simply just the challenge of being able to say you did it yourself. The problem with both pride and money is that doing it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing will ultimately cost you more money.

You’ll have to repair the damage - er, your handiwork - and then pay for it to be done the right way. Hence, the boomerang effect.

You can grin and bear it if you miss the mark on an interior DIY project. If it’s the exterior of your home, though, everybody who drives by will see what’s going on. That’s why we suggest you bring in a professional for the following projects.

Roof Repair

Hey, it’s a long way up there - which means it’s also a long way back down to the ground. Safety demands that you stay off your roof.

Many roofs look simple but are not. Certain areas may be for design, while others have important function, such as channeling rain for drainage. You’ll cause serious damage to the structure of your home if you unintentionally alter the roof.

Siding or Outer Wall Surfacing

What’s so difficult? Rip off the old stuff and put on the new stuff. There’s not much to this DIY project.

Maybe you shouldn’t have gone for more popcorn when this segment was on the TV. There’s so much more to replacing siding or putting on different wall surfacing than the simple on/off equation.

You’re dealing with the sheer surfaces on your dwelling, for starters. It’s not wise to peel it away without considering what’s being protected. It would be like peeling away too much of your own skin.


This plays into your siding and wall surfacing. Those windows are going to be in the way. So this would be the perfect time to put in newer and - and of course - bigger ones.

We’re all for bigger and better windows, but in almost all cases, it’s going to call for a change in the surrounding wall framing. The overall size and weight of the window frame may call for a beefier header.

Correct flashing is crucial if you want to keep rain and moisture from entering at these points. Rotten wood is the least of your worries. A mistake here creates a vector for mold. You do not want that behind your drywall.

It’s easy to surmise we’re putting this out there because we lose a customer if you decide to do these things yourself. Certain home renovation projects - especially exterior construction - take more than you have. You may exceed your expertise, your own equipment, and even your legal right to make the changes. Wounded pride is the least of the price you’ll pay.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather do it right - and for less money - the first time around? Talk to us about improving the exterior look of your home. We’re a complete exterior contractor, which means we can do it all. And because we’re professionals, we’ll make it look just like the reveal in the cable TV show that got you started on this whole renovation kick in the first place. Only, we’ll make it look even better.