What Does the Exterior Color of Your House Say About You?

house paint color.jpg

The kind of car we drive gives insight into our personality. Even the computer we use speaks about what makes us tick. The color you pick for your exterior has something to say, too.

What's your favorite color? There's a high chance it's not a single color, but a combination. We'll explore what they say about us, but first, more about what we can actually see.

Primaries and Parents

You've seen that acronym RGB before. It stands for the 3 primary colors on a computer screen: Red, Green, and Blue. It's the combination of those colors that allow us to see secondary colors such as yellow and purple.

Paint doesn’t follow this logic. There are 3 primary colors, but they’re often called “parent” colors. In paint pigments, you can't create Red, Blue, and Yellow by mixing other paint colors together.

Here's what they say about your personality.


You’re known for logic and organization if this is the color you’d prefer to paint the exterior of your house. You have a dislike for clutter, which is ironic. White is the combination of all three primary colors.


Friends and coworkers describe you as happy. They wouldn’t go as far as calling you mellow, but they agree you do tend to go with the flow. People who like orange are also known for loyalty.


There’s rustic red, and then there’s electric red. Whether it’s muted or in your face, red homes are where you find dominant personalities. You’re bold, like the color itself. You’re not afraid to take risks. The red exterior of your home may reflect your energy, or your passion.


The inhabitants of green houses are concerned about what people think of the choice of color. People with a fondness for this color consider their reputation very important. They like to know what others think about them. This receptivity makes them affectionate and loyal. They won’t shy away from telling you what they think.


It was once difficult to find a yellow house. Today, you’ll find more of them. When you do, you’ll discover their owners to be charming and cheerful. They are creative and intelligent. Often these people are confident leaders.


Blue is one of the most common exterior home colors. Homeowners select it to express optimism and harmony. Even if it’s not your favorite color, you’ll paint your house this hue. It communicates your stable and cooperative nature. Blue says, “I’m flexible and idealistic.”

Color isn’t the only way your home’s exterior can tell passers-by more about who lives inside. Windows, siding, your roof—and even your garage—visual cues. Are they sending out mixed signals? Talk to us about transforming your home’s exterior. The price might be less than you expect, and our estimates are always free.