Move Over, Welcome Mat: Here’s What the Color of Your Front Door Says About Who’s Inside

Some people go for flags. Then there are gnomes, ducks or rabbits, and even the stray pink flamingo. It’s a flash of unexpected color in your front yard. Yes, it’s making a statement.

What’s often overlooked is the front door itself. What color is yours? Here’s what it says about you.


“I’m not afraid to show off a bit. As a matter of fact, my yellow front door is a way of saying that I support anyone’s right to draw attention to themselves. Yellow is my way of walking the line between individualism and not just going with the crowd. It says I want to show off a bit…but without getting too crazy, of course.”


“I’m drawn to history, and the distinctive personalities that defined years gone by. I’m a bit shocked if you tell me you don’t know who Katharine Hepburn is, but I’ll forgive you. What I may not forgive is hearing that like my pink door but you don’t have the guts to paint yours that color, too.”


“I have a sense of history, and I’m bringing a bit of it to my own home. If it’s a shiny read and my door’s also framed with white columns, I’ve got an appreciation for British flair. If it’s flat red and simple, I’m into the Chinese practice of Feng Shui. I’ve chosen the color of my door to attract prosperity.”


“If I could figure it out, I’d have a constant sea breeze flowing across the entrance, too. I crave the calmness of beach side living, and this is the closest way I can bring it to my home. Inside, you’ll find anything but craziness.”


“I’m downright pleased you don’t see many other doors painted my favorite color. I don’t particularly care to run with the crowd, and crowds represent clutter to me. I’m minimalist. Don’t expect to see any knick knack collections inside.”


“There are artists inside. At least one of them is a musician. We march to the beat of a different drum, and we don’t even notice it when people see our door and go, ’purple?’Besides, it was good enough for Prince.”


“No other color matches our quest for, well, matching! We’ve got that knack for having the right things in the right places inside. We’re not afraid of color at all, but we prefer to cleanse your palate with our simple black front door before you venture inside and join the lives of the busy people there.”


“We are country people. As in Ralph Lauren, not Loretta Lynn. Preppy and soothing is our mode, and we prefer to have some green calmness meet you at our front door.”

Navy Blue

“The world may change around us, but we prefer to preserve tradition. We appreciate the way this timeless color allows us to highlight a wreath during the holidays—or nothing but the brass doorknob and mail slot. Coming through our front door is like coming home, no matter where that might be for you.”

Is it possible you’ll read this and say, “That’s the color of my door, but it doesn’t describe me at all!”? Well, it certainly is! Sometimes we pick colors because they represent who we are, and other times we choose them for what we would like to be.

The best thing about the color of your front door is that it takes nothing more than a coat of paint to completely change what it says about you. Are you thinking about changing the statement your door makes? Talk to us about transforming your home’s exterior. Our estimates are always free.