What You Can’t See: It May Look Fine, But Storms Can Cause Hidden Damage to Your Roof

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Minnesota has its share of nasty weather. Spring, summer, and fall storms can be intense. They pass quickly, and everything can look fine. Unfortunately, it’s what you can’t see that’ll hurt you. Storms can pack a wallop on your roof, causing invisible damage. Left uninspected and unrepaired, this damage becomes costlier over time.

Last September the Shoreview, Cottage Grove, and Inner Grove Heights communities were hit by an intense storm that damaged homes in these areas. Some of this storm damage was obvious. The homeowners acted right away. As we prepare for spring and summer storms, many more homeowners in these areas will discover that even though their roof looked fine after the storm, it caused damage that will only get worse.


Damage from hail and heavy winds often goes unnoticed. The worst of it is almost impossible to see—especially if you don’t know what to look for. It takes hail the size of a golf ball or larger to potentially break through your roofing material.

Smaller size hail still can do considerable harm by damaging the integrity of your shingles. The hail causes the granules embedded in the shingles to come loose, exposing the asphalt.


Strong winds generated by storms are especially harmful to your roof. A sudden vertical sheer or updraft can knock loose underlying structural joists. You won’t see this damage. Ultimately, though, you’ll know something’s happened. Rain will seep through the loose joists, and you’ll discover discolorations on your ceiling.

It will take even longer to see the mold and mildew that can grow on this constantly moist surface.

It’s Up There And You’re Down Here

The frustrating part of this unseen damage is that you likely can’t get a close look at your roof, anyway. Head inside. You do have a clear view of your ceilings. Inspect them closely for discolorations. That indicates you’ve got a leak.

Then head outside. Take a walk around the perimeter of your home. Do you see any visible damage to the vents? That’s a sign that there also may be damage to the roof itself. The same goes for your gutters.

Before The Next Big Storm

Last year’s September storm that swept through the Shoreview, Cottage Grove, and Inner Grove Heights areas did indeed do considerable damage to roofs. If you’re in the area and you remember the storm, you owe it to yourself to make sure your roof didn’t suffer damage as well. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Talk to us about roof repair if you see any of these signs, or even if you suspect there might be damage you haven’t detected. We’re a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. We warranty our work. You can see examples of our craftsmanship here. You’ll be hard pressed to find an exterior renovation company as accredited as us, and we encourage you to do your research before you select a roofing contractor.

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