What's On Deck For Decks This Year

There’s only so much room inside—unless you renovate to increase your interior square footage. It’s why an increasing number of homeowners are looking around and discovering that they actually have plenty of living space…right outside the door. Decks are growing in popularity, especially because they also add to your property value.

Nobody wants a boring deck, and that’s the challenge the latest design trends have overcome. The biggest obstacle has been making decks—which often are exposed to the elements—comfortable enough to be the go-to space no matter what the weather is doing outside. Here’s how they’re succeeding.

Wait, That’s Wood?

Those new and gorgeous deck shapes you’ve seen lately are made possible because they’re likely not made of wood at all—even though they look like it. First, there was composite decking material, which was replaced by cellular PVC decking. Today’s decks are being made capped composite decking.

The core is made of wood fibers mixed with recycled plastic. It offers amazing strength and stability. The surface is made of engineered substances that can be made to look like any species of wood. That surface is “capped” on all four sides of the deck plank, making it reversible and cutting down on costs.

Kick Up The Railing

Why do the rails of your deck have to be made of the same material—or even look remotely like the rest? Homeowners are creating highly customized decks by looking for unusual railing materials. The current trend is sleek horizontal cable railing. It leaves more of the deck open so you can see out even if you’re seated.

Multiple Focal Points

One level? How boring. Homeowners are asking exterior remodelers to create multilevel decks that offer multiple focal points. A pergola might anchor one side, while a fire pit with extra seating to turn it into a dining area for barbecues balances the other side.

Artistic Framing

A trend known as “picture framing” is making the most dramatic statement. Exterior renovators use deck boards of contrasting colors on the perimeter to “frame” specific areas. It’s got a dual function. Picture framing will enhance those areas, and it also adds another layer of safety by drawing attention to a change in deck level, or stairs.

Talk to us about decks. We offer the best of design and quality. Traditional decks will never go out of style, and we’re experts at transforming outdoor spaces with pressure-treated wood and cedar. We also are experienced and adept at using the latest composite material to create new and exciting outdoor spaces that you’ll come to love as much as your favorite indoor room.