Why Stop at Twice the Benefit? Triple Pane Windows Offer Even More Energy Savings.

Replacing old windows with new, stylish, and energy-efficient ones is one of the best ways to increase your property value and upgrade the exterior aesthetics of your home. It offers year-round benefits, keeping out the cold weather in winter and the high temperatures outside during the summer.

This type of exterior remodeling and renovation is popular because of the dramatic changes it can make to your home. You’ll also appreciate the difference in your utility bills. Double pane windows used to be the way to go. Like most things, more is better. Now it’s triple panes. 

Triple the Benefit

If you’re familiar with the idea behind double pane windows, you won’t have any problem understanding the upgrade to triple panes. These windows are made of three panes of glass. Spacers separate the three layers of glass. These spaces are often filled with an inert gas that acts as a highly efficient insulation. The outward facing sides of the exterior and interior panes are glazed to help them repel water stains and dirt.

Feel Safer

Triple pane glass windows offer even more security and protection than double pane windows—and much more than the single pane windows that are still common in older homes. 

If you’re in the business of breaking into homes, you know triple pane windows as soon as you see them. They’re an interesting deterrent to intruders because the triple panes of glass are more difficult to break. Extra time. Extra force. Lots of extra glass. 

A would-be burglar may just move on. Of course, installing triple paned windows is no substitution for a home security solution. It will be a wise compliment, though. 

Make Mother Nature Mind Her Own Business

Glazed double pane windows have been offering homeowners significant utility bill savings for years. Glazed triple paned windows simply increase that benefit. There are two main reasons for this.  

  1. The glazing lowers U-values. “U” in this case stands for Ultraviolet. The lower the U-value, the better the windows are at stopping the transfer of ultraviolet radiation. The glazing helps to reduce this, which prevents heat transfer during the summer, and heat loss during the winter. It’s the glazing that offers ultraviolet protection, so three layers rather than two (or maybe none at all if they’re old windows) increases your energy efficiency.
  2. Ultraviolet rays do more than carrying heat energy in or out of your house. While you might welcome it when you’re at the beach so you can get a tan, daily ultraviolet light exposure is bad news for your wood floors, carpeting, and furniture. 

Peace and Quiet

Do you feel like you’re always hearing what’s going on outside? It can be a sign that you’ve got single pane windows. Exterior sounds travel right through the single pane of glass and into your home.

Triple panes of glass offer superior noise insulation. Your home will be quieter. You’ll appreciate the outside noises being kept at bay not only for the stress-relieving quality but also because there are multiple studies showing a relationship between noise pollution and physical health problems—including cardiac disease.

Talk to us about replacing your old and energy-inefficient windows. It’s an exterior renovation project that has an excellent return on your investment. Your home will look better. Replacement windows will save money on utility bills. You might even get a better night’s sleep. Those crickets can be loud.