These 4 Exterior Remodeling Projects Can Add Selling Power To Your Home

We all know that the kitchen and bathrooms are what can make—or break—a sale when you’ve got your home on the market. It’s often where people put their focus and dollars with the objective to get the biggest return on their investment.

But before a potential buyer ever sees the kitchen or bathrooms, they’re going to drive up to your house and see the outside. What will it say to them? Certain exterior remodeling projects can send strong signals to potential buyers. That’s according to the National Association of Realtors. They recently released a study called the Remodeling Impact Report. Here are the exterior remodeling projects they say can put more value in your property.


The NAR’s report determined that this exterior remodeling project has the highest money-back value. You can’t always see the roof when you approach a house, but potential buyers will be pleased to hear that it’s new. Based on their estimates for the project, you could recover 105% of the costs.


It’s one of the few moving parts of this area of your home, and it’s likely showing its age. A new garage door will add instant curb appeal. Will you get every penny back when you sell? NAR estimates you can recover 87% of this investment. That ROI may vary and become even more if you include the entire garage in the exterior remodeling project. If it has a small footprint, it might be time to enlarge it to make your property more sellable.


This exterior remodeling project has multiple benefits. While it certainly spruces up the outside appearance of your home, exterior siding can also improve your energy efficiency. That’s an important selling point for buyers. The NAR has determined that you can see an 83% return on this investment.


Nothing beats natural light streaming into your house—especially when you’ve got it staged to sell. Beautiful new vinyl windows help brighten your interior and improve the looks of your home’s exterior. Older windows often are often extremely inefficient, so hearing about newly replaced ones is something that’ll get potential home buyers excited. The NAR estimates that you can recover 80% of this exterior remodeling project.

Consider these four exterior remodeling projects even if you don’t plan to sell your home. The return on investment is high, and it sustains or even increases your property value.

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