Doors And Gutters On The Catwalk: Home Exterior Trends That Have Reached Their Peak—And What’s Replacing Them

In fashion, hemlines go up and down—and often, faster than consumer can keep up with keeping their wardrobes up to date. Thankfully, exterior trends—the “fashion statement” for homes—moves on a slower cycle. These trends do change, though.

While the length of a hem might not be such a drastic change, some of the latest exterior trends can completely change the look and feel of your home. Here’s what’s on the way out, and what’s being ushered in.


Sometimes it’s almost forgotten. We stash the car in the garage and slip in through a side door. When was the last time you actually walked through your front entrance? It might be out of your sight—and therefore out of mind—but it is a main focal point to your home.

Homeowners are paying more attention to their entrances, and many have decided that these focal points are just plain underwhelming. The good news is that it’s possible to make a big statement with a newly remodeled grand entrance—without paying a palatial sum.

It starts with the entryway door and then expands outward. Homeowners are adding dramatic colors, as well as glass surrounds to bring in more light and make their entrances more inviting. Glass is being teamed up with iron to make strong statements.

Some homeowners are even opting for Dutch doors. These are especially intriguing as a design element when they lead out to a newly remodeled sweeping front porch that’s been transformed into an extension of the living room.


There was a time when the gutter systems on our homes were expected to be invisible. Maybe it was because we really didn’t want to be reminded that they can be maintenance headaches. Left unattended, they fill up with autumn leaves. Along comes the spring rains and—because of our invisible gutters—we’ve got a real mess on our hands.

Thanks to clever manufacturers, now we’ve got the opportunity to pay more attention to gutters and their importance. They’re creating bigger and bolder gutter designs, made even more attractive by being crafted of luxurious materials like copper.

It’s a 2-step improvement, really. Homeowners have the ability to make their gutters become an architectural element—instead of trying to hide them or make them blend in. The bigger designs mean they’re easier to maintain and less prone to clogging. It’s a win-win situation.

We know a thing or two about gutters. It happens to be one of our core services—and we pay special attention to them when we work with our customers help them turn their exterior remodeling visions into a reality.